5-Minute Financial Risk Assessment

June 12, 2018

Every day talented CRNAs perform pre-anesthesia evaluations on their patients. In essence, CRNAs perform indispensable patient risk assessments before administering anesthesia. If the evaluation does not look satisfactory then a surgery postponement or cancellation may be necessary. Patient safety always comes first! Otherwise, the results can be catastrophic.

But how many CRNAs have taken the time to evaluate the risk in their own financial lives? Now CRNAs can get an assessment in merely 5-minutes. Simply complete this free questionnaire and get an answer right away! Click here and receive your risk score today!

Essential topics such as portfolio size, financial goals, and what a CRNA is willing to risk for potential gains are all covered! Once the answers are input then an exact Risk Number is determined to guide the decision making process.

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Source: https://www.riskalyze.com/advisors

You will receive a Stress Test Summary which will display your interest rate risk and what may happen in a stock market correction. You can even compare the probability of success for your existing portfolio with one that we would recommend for you as fiduciaries here at ONE Advisory Partners.

Consider a $250,000 portfolio, assume in the next six months that one of two things is going to happen: It is either going to drop $17,500 or it is going to gain $32,500. Would you be okay with both of those results? Get your Risk Score and make sure you are invested exactly the way you need to be!

Are you on track for retirement or college planning? Do you know how a new home or vacation home sale or purchase will impact each aspect of your personal finances? Get these answers and more!

Ready to get started on your 5-minute risk assessment? Click here and receive your risk score today!

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