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The average financial plan costs $1,900.*
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Your company pays the cost.  And without the conflicts that burden traditional advisors, our CFP® professionals are free to give you advice that is in your best interests, period.  No investment or insurance product sales.  Just clear, actionable financial advice and guidance that enables you to live the lifestyle you want.

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Our CFP®  professionals know their stuff.

“As your dedicated advisor, I can help you define your retirement needs and wants. Then, together we can create an action plan to help you make progress toward your goals. It’s my job to make complex financial issues easy to understand.”


Dan Miller, CFP®

“Taxes and excessive fees can erode your investment returns over time. I can help you identify low-cost, yet sophisticated tax-savings strategies to keep more cash in your pocket and less in Uncle Sam’s. After all, it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you get to keep.”


Jon Booze, JD, CFP®

“What happens if the market drops or you experience a sudden health issue? Sometimes unexpected events can derail the best laid plans. I can help you test your plan to make sure you will be OK regardless of what life throws at you.”


Michele Diesel, CFP®

Our buying power saves you money.

Our financial planning services are just the start.

Our national scope allows us to negotiate favorable pricing on other financial services such as mortgages,

student loan refinancing, tax preparation and estate planning. We negotiate on your behalf and you save big money.   


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