A plan that adapts.

In today’s fast-changing economic environment, traditional financial plans are rendered useless almost instantly. In other words, when an off-the-shelf financial plan meets the real world, the real world always wins. However, our financial planning system is a dynamic process. It is continually reviewed, updated and adjusted. Our process allows us to adapt to unforeseen events, and keep you on track toward your objectives.  

Your plan is available to review anytime via our client portal. Just don’t expect us to deliver a boring, 50-page financial plan full of numbers that don’t mean anything. We work and plan in real time.

Ultimately, our planning process scientifically determines how much expected return and risk we need to take in each of our clients’ portfolios  to reach their goals. No 1980’s-style subjective risk questionnaires are used here. Just like a NASA engineer,  we rely on math to solve financial problems.

When investing, discipline always trumps conviction.

Successful investment strategies generally have one thing in common - discipline. Our discipline keeps us from following the crowd or chasing the latest hot stock or sector. It also keeps us grounded and looking for opportunities during market disruptions.  

Our investment strategy is a modern day application of two Nobel Prize-winning researchers. We start with Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), championed by 1990 Nobel Prize recipient, Harry Markowitz. MPT seeks to create “efficient” portfolios designed to squeeze out the most return possible for a given level of risk. The result is a globally diversified strategy with each component of the portfolio having a specific role in controlling overall risk and maximizing return.

We then draw upon Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama and Kenneth French’s famous research by tilting the stock portion of the portfolio toward value-oriented companies and smaller capitalization companies. Their research indicated that smaller companies and value-oriented stocks tend to outperform the market over time. We think Warren Buffet would agree.  

So, you won’t find us making stock market predictions or trying to tactically time the markets, that’s a fool’s game. We stick to our discipline.


A personalized strategy just for you.

We don’t try to beat the market.  By lowering costs and minimizing taxes, we optimize your portfolio to help reach your goals faster.

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